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BORE DA, Hello, pronounced for Englanders and others interested in being local for a few words of greetings as BOOR EEE DAR, think and eat HONEYCOMB from CYMRU, WALES and elsewhere ! I have a book written by the Mills and Boon books novelist Barbara Cartland called THE MAGIC OF HONEY !

Where can Welsh and English Beekeepers get supplies nearby ?

HWYL FAWR  is goodbye in Welsh. Pronounced HULL FAR per Newman Morgan of Bicester previously of Wycombe and Cwm means Valley in Welsh so Wycombe means valley of the Wye river, he should know with a name like MORGAN hey ! I add found on Google...Diolch yn fawr, Thanks very much.

When going to attend a Bee Keepers Conference in Northop, Flintshire, Wales, United Kingdom, it is advisable to look for details such as POSTCODE and DIRECTIONS given on the website of the Flint and District Beekeepers Association website before setting out.

If you think you have found a swarm of bees in the Flint and District area, please call 01745 560557/ 07766 345 500 in the first instance for further guidance.



Cymdeithas Gwenynwyr Fflint A’R Cylch 

Flint & District Beekeepers Association 


Mertyn Downing

Tel: 01745 560557

Monthly Meetings

We meet on the third Saturday of the month at the Edith Banks Memorial Hall in Northop. BUT CHECK WEBSITE FIRST...LOCATION, TIMES CAN VARY !

Most meetings consist of a talk or discussion with a speaker followed by beekeeping chat with a drink and cake. If the weather is good enough we visit the association hives that are on the college site. So please bring along your wellies so you can come too.


Monthly Meeting Diary 2015

3 January - Oxalic treatment, Northop Apiary


21 February - Geoff Critchley  “Spring and Early Summer Management”


21 March - Trisha Marlow, “Nutrition for Queen Bees”


18 April - Preparing for the season ahead,

followed by first inspection at the association apiary


16 May - George Pilkington “Solitary & Bumble Bees”


 13 June - Apiary Visit & Afternoon Tea Party,

Elizabeth & Steve Bromwich, Mold


18 July - “How to do a Snelgrove expansion”, 
Terry Hardman, Brynford


12 September -  Graham Royle, “The Hive Mind”


24 October - Black Jar Honey Show


14 November - AGM





All meetings are 1.30 for a 2pm start at the Edith Banks Memorial Hall, Northop unless stated.

Other Useful Dates

28th March   WBKA Spring Convention,

Hafod a Hendre Hall

Royal Welsh Agricultural Showground

Builth Wells, Powys LD2 3SY

20th Aug      Denbigh & Flint Agricultural Show 
19th-20tht Sept Mold Food and DrinkF estival
17th - 18th Oct Llangollen Food Festival

Directions to the Edith Banks Memorial Hall....ah...but POSTCODE not seen

To get to the hall from the A55

  1. Leave at junction 33 signed A5119 Northop and Flint.
  2. Take the Northop turn.
  3. At the pelican crossing turn left.
  4. Then right into the carpark.
  5. The hall is the red brick building across the main road.
To get to the hall from Mold
  1. Take the A5119 just after the County Hall campus.
  2. Go through Sychdyn to the traffic lights at Northop.
  3. Go straight over at the lights.
  4. Take the first right just before the pelican crossing.
  5. Then right into the carpark.
  6. The hall is the red brick building across the main road.

Otherwise, you run the risk of wandering around a nearby place called NORTHOP HALL with a big manor house hotel or something like that, a UNIVERSITY CAMPUS on the road out of NORTHOP just down the road, or getting swept out too sea if you drive accross the village center stream that runs accross the road with a sign NOT SUITABLE FOR VEHICLES leading to the BOOT PUB INN on the same road as the non local man sitting on the bench outside the pub giving me directions to the EDITH BANKS MEMORIAL HALL which has a kind of sundial that you must put your ankle on the date of the day to see your shadow give you Greenwich Mean time the instructions say but I didnt manage any of that very successfully !

Now all that did not prevent me arriving to find a huge banging of hammers and nails being done by people ignoring my Black Fairy Féja type of Belgian Sheepdog nipping their bums for her demands for some chocolate cake she smellt on offer accompanied by occasional barks to express her wishes more audibly above the din of the bangings.

Yes sheepdogs are nippers of bottoms they find irresistable whether of sheep or humans on the move or needing to make to move ! some instincts like that make dogs feel like a BEE STING ?

Not many of those around during the  APIARY meaning BEE HIVE COLLECTION inspections ! A non marked meaning not painted Queen bee was spotted by others not me still as having probably superseeded the marked queen and one hive no 2 even were dead ! even though food candy cake there they must have maybe felt too cold in their cluster to move up further to get at the food given to them for the winter. Oh deary me, huddling shivering their wings to create warmth it seems the bees will not leave the cluster around their queen to get to food if too far from the cluster. Must remember that.

Now not only had I forgotten to note directions, I had not found my BEESUIT either in boxes of my things at home...but i had as always a spare VEILED BEE HAT and ROMANIAN STRAW HAT to put on with some extra pair of jogging trousers and extra jackets. So my veil adjusted by an observant fellow bee keeper to ensure no inquisitive bees got to my neck for a nip there I was suitably covered but noted some FOREIGN BEE KEEPERS were also with us ! from CLEWYD ? word like that on their fawn coloured beesuits ! eeek ! 

I spent the afternoon fascinated by observing the manipulation of the frames in the National Hives, noted and saw the not so easy to access WBC hive there and even one Polystyrene hive, small one level of frames hive. 

Then being a warm sunny day with no April Showers I returned to the BOOT INN in the center of the village and settled for a WELSH RAREBIT meal with fresh cress, onion and some kind of chutney ? and a bitter shandy in the pub garden having been surprised by a never seen before sign on a pub of DOGS WELCOME ! well well ! and there were other dogs inside the bar too ! PARSONS TERRIERS ! one had been to Crufts ! a very friendly dog indeed that had set off as dogs do the usual DOG OPERA as they passed my BELGIAN SHEPHERDS in their car giving off barks to let others know this was their territory no matter where they were !

Now learning is a lifelong process. One learns surprising interesting things every day if receptive to them. And whilst walking around the pub to look at the photos of olde times of HAWARDEN and NORTHOP a fellow customer joined me to help out with pronunciations of HAWARDEN as HARDEN and LLANG meaning SAINT someone or other in place names in Welsh. He was not Welsh himself, was adopted in NORTHOP from Runcorn but knew much about the boundary changes of WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE and FLINTSHIRE, FLINT, MOLD and NORTHOP ! who needs to know anymore than that hey ? could fill an encyclopaedia just giving information on all that lot it seemed to me lol !

Now I was so surprised how friendly the bee keepers were ! not bothered I was a newcomer ! didnt patronise me ! but talked unreservedly and helpfully about any comments i or others made during hive inspections about various aspects of bee keeping ! BADGERS EAT  BEES ! MICE EAT BEES ! jaja ! I learnt that amoungst other things ! and I was able to share that putting a decoy wasps paper nest up made i had read recently other wasps go elsewhere to build a nest as wasps were territorial ! and we discussed the small coca cola bottle wasp traps that bees not being as curious as wasps avoid !

Oh yes and I asked about the black bees and learnt they were on an isolated place controlling their matings...jaja well that just goes to show i thought that they would cross mate as most same species animals do with non purebreed black bees hey ! no need to isolate them otherwise logically ? so should i get some ? but what will happen if they cross breed with other bees that do not know about BOUNDARIES of Flintshire or Denbighshire like humans do ? let alone anywhere as remote as the Orkney Islands or God forbid DEVON ???? could the pesky black devonian or other bee varieties dare EMIGRATE up to Flintshire ? ignoring signs NOT SUITABLE FOR DEVONIAN BEES signs and NOT SUITABLE FOR VEHICLES signs on the road that crosses the little stream in Northop ?

BUT I GOT SOME WELSH HONEY ! eeeek ! the last few jars of it ! ouff ! like GOLD DUST local honey hey ! HOWEVER i did resist the MANUKA HONEY seen in Wrexham Sainsbury supermarket this morning at ouff was is 14 GBP per small jar ? from New Zealand the most expensive honey on the planet that is ! only the special plant that produces the flowers for the honey grows in New Zealand so manuka honey is very scarce and high priced. ALL HONEY that is REAL honey is full of good health benefits as the most natural product on the planet of course when produced from pesticide free flowers etc !

Oh was I delighted at the pack of information on bees provided by the FLINT DISTRICT BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION ! with pictures ! of diseased frames and healthy frames to learn the differences ! 

Like all farming, natural variations in weather and natural viruses etc can affect bees. Interestingly i notice there is practically no real human made products that can cure most of these ! the bees develop to resist, die off, clean them off and life goes on. The greatest threat to them however nowadays is not being able to survive what affects their source of food ! PESTICIDES that when put on seeds or the ground go into the plants and flowers and poison them like they do us slowley ! NICOTINOIDS being the latest worst examples ! that stuff stays in the soil for up to 20 YEARS and therefore the plants that grow there eeek !

BACK TO NORTHOP talk ! and the BOOT INN ! being of course a lover of GOOD FOOD I ordered the WELSH RAREBIT that used STILTON CHEESE not the oldest cheese in the world CHESHIRE CHEESE ! I learnt from the chaps in the pub about using feet to make cheese in the past as feet have the same bacteria as cheese ! hence the term cheesey smell for feet hey lol ! some things like that could put you off your food ? 

I met the Libdem party rep with his wife in the pub too...i didn't want to disturb his leisure time, I mean like doctors who get accosted anywhere and everywhere to talk your latest health probs i said oh I don't want to disturb you but I was in the past a GANG OF FOUR supporter forgetting as I do the name of even ONE of that lot ! ouff can i rememer ? SHIRELY ! there was a shirely name in the gang of 4. He called them some other name than libdem i think...but i am bad at names so I forget. ROY ! now I remember the name of another of the gang of 4. Enough memory tests hey ! Libdems are majority in the SOUTHWEST i noticed on some map of the uk that didnt have NORTHOP on it being just a total uk map not useful for finding places on.

Now returning to NORTHOP pub, I did google search and TRIPADVISER came up first !

So I share the first write up !

<<1sr class food. staff and aubience.

5 of 5 starsReviewed 11 April 2015

I have eaten at many local top restaurants. This us first class. Tucked away in a local local village, just off the A55 it is first class. The manager was welcoming and service polite and brisk. The menu had a wide choicecand the food was cooked to perfection. The desert was hone made and stunning. The portion size was exceptional. The wine was served at perfect temperature. This public house should receive awards for it's food and service. Amazing value for money.

I have just added my review there ! not mentioning that CHESHIRE CHEES not STILTON is the TRADITIONAL WELSH RAREBIT...which for the ignorant of this dish is simply CHEESE ON TOAST as the local in the pub informed me !!! 

CHEESE ON TOAST rules ok !

Vegetarians are well catered for and there is a special luncheon menu with all dishes freshly prepared. 

ooooh the boot INN not PUB name has its own WEBSITE ! now I did read that Flintshire FYI to also be a bit informative myself to compete with the very well informed locals is the home of MONEYWISE COMPARE or name like that internet services !!/c18bc  The Boot Inn was originally called The Bell or Ulgoch Llaneurgain

<<In its day on the Mail coach route The Boot was well liked by travellers who could allow there horses to cool their tierd feeet in the brook behind the Pub.


Incidentally, The Boot Inn was more than a coach house at one time and was used almost as a local tax office as well as being an ale house. Censuses record that Jonathan Astbury (1823-1890), during the 19th Century was the Northop Rate Collector and Inn proprietor. How life has changed.>>

Now I also learned in this inn from locals that LLAN means Saint in place names, like LLANDUDNO, LLANGOLLEN etc. I never knew that either ! PARISH even ! Church !

And photos of one of the bee keepers attending our conference on 18th April 2015 took photos of our APIARY collection of bee hives so I hope to put some up here on this BLOG PAGE !

Every day we all wander through our lives and come accross things of interest, things said, things seen...which initiate thoughts on many subjects for us. Putting them into emails or facebook or just chats is therapeutic and sharing. even if the whole world or even more than 1 other person shares those thoughts I like to share it somewhere I make an effort to recall my thoughts.

PICTURES HOPEFULLY from FLINTSHIRE and DISTRICT BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION which i see held their DEC 2015 Commitee Meeting in the BOOT IN NORTHOP ! hey hey !

aha a picture of the BOOT INN ! oh ! there are STONE EFFIGIES in Northop i see on this Wales information website !

<<Added value: Northop is proud of its commercial horticultural facilities, which it reckons are superior to any land-based college in the UK. Holds the title of Centre of Excellence for Floristry and Production Horticulture. The equine centre has stabling provision for 25 horses, an indoor arena with seating gallery, outdoor riding arena and a cross-country course. An innovative £1.8m Small Animal Care Centre opened in March 2012, boasting stunning viewing areas, an impressive aquarium and over 100 different species of animal, from monkeys to scorpions.  Flint provides the nearest train station, four miles away. The college itself is just off the A55.>>

per WIKI...<<Northop College in FlintshireNorth Wales is jointly operated by Glyndwr University and Coleg Cambria.>> ...not to be confused with Cumbria ! which is really Lancashire !

What has Wales in common with the Aukstaitija northeast region of Lithuania ? apart from being NORTHEAST of somewhere and hills  MUSIC ! not Catherine Jenkins or Rhydian or Tom Jones etc but Northop does have an excellent BRASS BAND ! found on you tube after the locals mentioned it to me in the pub !

Northop Silver Band's (conducted by Thomas Wyss) winning performance of George Allen's march 'The Wizard' at Tame Valley Hotel (Dukinfield) as part of the Whit Friday Contests 2012.

what is the difference between a BRASS band and a SILVER band ? i don't know..

Here are Northop Young 'uns ! youth of Northop playing in the streets of Northop !
Aha and just by myself a PULFORDIAN, Pulford meaning Pwll "marsh" and Ffordd "crossing" the BRIDGE which is still here between Chester and Wrexham on the river Dee...the Brass Band from Wrexham playing MEN OF HARLECH down the road further away. Men of Harlech - Wrexham County Brass. County ? Wrexham is a County ?

and more bees are in some Dadant hives in Lithuania of course ! just a little  page also of those here ... Bees are INTERNATIONAL ! need to be !

THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE ! what animal has such a famous piece of music named after it ? next Flintshire Bee Association meeting is to talk about Solitry and Bumble Bees ! in the meanwhile ! enjoy a Chinese Yuja Wang rendering of this buzzing tune by Rimsky Korsakov ! Bees keep warm when there is no sunlight heat by SHIVERING TOGETHER ! maybe our planet needs to learn from the bees in future when our fossil fuels have all been used up in the next couple of generations only ahead ! Bees maintain the hive temperature above 30 DEGREES CELCIUS ! BUSY BEES !
19th April 2015 webpage done.    MY BEE PAGE for be expanded....Want some natural HONEYCOMB ? me too ! BUT GUARANTEED FREE OF ANY PESTICIDE TREATMENT FOR VAROE MITE PLEASE ! which is debatable nowadays in the uk since ALL apiaries have this pest apparently ! such poor stock of bees hey ! 

Now do not expect ANY information on the British Bee Association websites telling you not to use pesticides, bleach etc products...especially NO LINKS here  to petitions to campaign against Pesticides that are confusing the bees contributing to reductions in them as they get HIGH on nicotinoid type drugs in the pesticides so get their brains are affected negatively also by MOBILE PHONE emmissions ! just like smoking ! many governments DENY the harm to our health to protect big business interests ! even CHEMCIALS to treat pests like the Varoe Mite that infects HONEY BEES must be included in the honey we buy and eat in the uk  ! beware is the catchword for al things nowadays to do with food ! not that we know even if the labels are correct for horse or beef meat stuffed also full of antibiotics ! 

BUMBLE BEES ! have been imported also !and more flies added to pollinate things ! these being WILD no one can go complain to people keeping honey bees ! like mosquitos, flies etc which will increase as honey bees decrease as farmers use nets to use flies to pollinate drops now there are not enough honey bees around...which then get out and pester us bigtime of course lol !  in fact ...we canot control our environment totally to be free of all these other living organisms around us even in urban areas !   IN PULFORD ENGLAND CHESHIRE BUMBLEBEES IN THEIR THOUSANDS FACE THE URBANITES DAILY AS PART OF OUR TARZAN AND JANE CLOSE TO NATURE IN OUR LAST STAND POSSIBLE WAYS ! videos of the evidence in PULFORD CHESHIRE ENGLAND FREE BEES ! 

The other day, i went for the first time to a PICK YOUR OWN fruit and veg place in the middle of the strawberries I saw some HUGE dandelion leaves, far far bigger than normal ones so for my ducks at home I took some...but ! contrary to their immediate gobbling up of any such SMALLER leaves i bring off roadsides of general non fruit growing fields, my ducks IGNORED these extra big abnormal dandelion leaves for a full 2 days ! now that tells us something...of COURSE fertilisers have been added to make intensive fruit growing to fields ! of COURSE pesticides and fertilisers affect and enter the food we eat ! eeeek ! well if the DUCKS prefer to not eat these huge dandelion leaves they sense instinctively something wrong and abnormal in them ! but us humans do not know the effects of the chemicals of such intensive treaments ! until we get allergies etc etc dementia etc etc but so decades later who cares ? while th drugs companies have made their profits ! When there is an enemy in front of you point guns we react ! but when poisoned slowley but surely the menace is easier to hide. 

Update 29th July 2015...not found on UK NATIONAL Bee Association Websites but independant press news...

Pesticides in our FOOD and killing BEES continues in the UK to line the pockets of  drugs surprises even HONEY is now pesticide treated in the UK i recently found out ! like smoking, we are told it is not harmful to our health for decades before big business pressures have to accept the truths of independant proof. 

The UK government just relaxed the ban on bee-killing pesticides. The only way to overturn the decision is a truly massive public outcry. We can do it if each of us signs and shares the petition on Facebook, email, Twitter... everywhere:


Dear friends,

The government has just allowed bee-killing pesticides to be unleashed across Britain's farms, threatening the butterflies and bugs we rely on to grow our food.

Scientists' warnings got these pesticides banned across the European Union, but the government has caved in to the powerful pesticide industry and the National Farmers Union to let them be used here again. It's up to us to stop this madness -- if we continue to poison our pollinators, the hedgerows, fields and fruit trees of this country will end up silent.  

Overturning a decision like this is going to take an unprecedented number of us speaking up. But we can do it: nearly 3% of British internet users are getting this email. If each of us signs and gets just one friend to sign we can reach 6%, if each of us gets two people, we can reach 9%, etc etc. Sharing the petition online could have the ripple effect we need -- click to sign now and share on Facebook, Twitter, email, everywhere: 

While the rest of Europe has backed a ban and seen their bee numbers are continuing to recover, the farming lobby in Britain has always preferred an industrialised chemical-powered approach to agriculture and with an attitude which says "as long as the yields are good, to hell with the consequences!" 

It's true that some reports show that neonicotinoids can deliver a short-term improvement on harvests, yet if we carry on using these pesticides the wider impact on critical pollinators will be catastrophic. Last Parliament, we saw how frustrated the government can get when presented with evidence-based science, doing all it could to block Europe bee-saving moratorium for pesticide use. Now it wants to go it alone across our green and pleasant lands.

But we know they are nervous -- gagging scientists from speaking out and burying notes from previous meetings. We have also seen how u-turns are possible, with the fox hunting vote killed off -- but that was only possible because a petition went completely viral with thousands of people sharing with their friends and family. Let's do it this time for the bees. Sign the petition and share it now everywhere you can think: 

Two years ago, Avaaz members across Europe came together to introduce the first continent wide-ban on neonicotinoids. Let's do it again and get rid of these crazy poisons in the UK once and for all.

With hope and determination,

Sam, Nick, Luis, Antonia, Lisa and the whole Avaaz team

More information:

Pesticide experts silenced by UK Government as it looks to bring back bee-killing neonicotinoids (The Independent)

UK government gags advisers in bees and pesticides row (The Guardian)

NFU attempt to dodge pesticides ban: Bee Coalition reaction

Independent research supporting the continued ban


ah ! i see for first time today end of July 2015 that the UK beekeeping forum blocks even postings or reading of posts on the subject of PESTICIDES AND BEES ! oh well ! no need to go there for information hey !  freedom of speech is even blocked on this subject ! and there you have it ! i thought only sex and violence were CENSORABLE SPEECH TOPICS IN THE UK  ! now i discover BEE PESTICIDES are too !

Oh yes that is a picture of one of my dogs calmy walking in front of many honey bee honey bees ignore even the hated by bees dark black colour dogs if not under attack ! my dogs have been stung by bees when their hives were opened and the bees were defending their homes, but generally the dogs are unafraid to walk around the hives knowing the bees only sting in defense and die if they sting so are economical about stinging ! animals are generally not aggressive unless hungry,, under attack or sick. Now in our urban out of touch of nature lives, we no longer face a lion or tiger in our gardens or parks, they are mostly EXTINCT anyway...not even DOGS off leads are liked nowadays in our UNNATURAL wish to sterilise and control totally our environment and restrict the FREEDOM of movement of living creatures ! but maybe some of us are proviledged to still be able to FACE THOUSANDS OF PEACEFUL BEES like Tarzen and Jane of the past ! yes yes ! we can be part of the WILD NATURE with our friends the bees ! they like the Elephants, tigers and lions etc are becoming extinct of course...lack of water, habitats etc...UK, EU even wildlife has reduced by 70 percent in the past 30 years this century ! what a HUGE achievement that is hey ! being sarcastic ! 

WHO OUT THERE IS A TARZEN AND JANE ? WHO HAS TENS OF THOUSANDS OF BEES IN THEIR GARDEN WITH THEIR DAHLIAS ! only the BRAVE ! only the IN TOUGH WITH NATURE TARZAN AND JANES ! that horsefly that bit you or mosquitto...well what are you going to do about them ? the farmers and climate change will increase those nasties to you more instead of honey bees in fact as you cannot control those insects ! and they do not give humans any honey either just cost the farmers less for a short pollination need for their highly chemical dosed crops they sell us then for food...then let loose the flies into our environment. What happened to our honey bees ? we destroyed them mostly whilst eating polluted fruit and veg, never mind the antibiotic filled meat we eat also nowadays out of intensive cruel animal factories. Poison in what fruit and veg we eat. When someone is pointing a gun at you it is easier to see the risk and react. When we are slowley but surely being secretly poisoned however in the name of big fat extra super big juicy dandelions etc out of greed rather than natural organic foods less big and showey well it is easier to ignore we get dementia, allergies etc more due to the rubbish we are eating.